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Known for having beautiful beaches, Lefkada is considered as one of the most amazing, and beautiful landscape. With the exotic, clear water and number of beaches around, Lefkada is a place not to be missed when you talk about beaches. The beaches of Lefkada are so beautiful that they appear in all the rankings of the world. Be it the Mediterranean sea or the ones in Greece, Lefkada beaches because of their dramatic landscapes are mentioned everywhere. Below is the list of top ten beaches of Lefkada.

Porto Katsiki:

Porto Katsiki is one of the most photographed and not a difficult to reach beach on Lefkada. There is a special platform which allows the visitors to see the entire beach but it can be pretty scary for those who have height phobia. The sunsets at Porto Katsiki are beyond beautiful and tints the cliffs in red and golden color. What a beautiful sight to see.


Engremni is one the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada. Egremni has beautiful sandy coastlines and exotic, blue water. Visitors have to climb up to reach the beach. Being famous for famiy oriented, Egremni attracts many visitors each year. 


Kathisma is a very large and easily reachable beach. The beach is famous for being the most organized beach and has plenty of beach bars and offer beautiful dramatic views to the viewers.


Gialos is an extremely blue and vast beach and has a road which leads towards it. It is a vast beach, and is not as famous as other beaches but it’s worth the visit because of its extremely blue water.


Agiofili beach is more of a secret beach. Very small, with scenic and crystal clear water only known to the locals there.


Kalamitsi beach is a series of number of beaches. And is known for having a touch of number of beaches. The water is crystal blue and the beach is of white sand, which makes it a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing.


Pefkoulia is easily the easiest beach to access in the west coast. The beach is very large and has enough space to have space for naturist who look for privacy and a space for beach bar.

Mikros Gialos:

Mikros Galos beach is clear as water. Because of the beach location in the deep bay, it gets very difficult to see waves in the beach. Pebbles on the beach are in very large amount.


You can go to Milo beach only by a boat or on foot. It is one of the calmest beaches you will see on the western side of Lefkada. There is a hiking trail too and it takes approximately 25-30 minutes. There are very less facilities available on the beach therefore not many people go there.



Amosso beach is away far away from villages so you have to go to this beach and there is no chance to stumble upon it. Amousso beach is lined up with low sea cliffs from both of its sides, ahead of it is beautiful blue water to take your breath away.

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